Spring Mountains Views

Good early morning from Las Vegas where I’ve been up since 3AM due to being wiped out from yesterday’s medical procedure. Time for a nap soon. Here are some older photos that were taken high in the Spring Mountains at around 8000 feet. I haven’t been up there recently but should go again before winter sets in as they salt the roads up there because of the heavy snowfall and my truck has never seen road salt. And it never will!

6 thoughts on “Spring Mountains Views

    • Thank you! These are the Spring Mountains located just northwest of Las Vegas. Mount Charleston is barely under 12,000 feet, nearby Fletcher Peak is also just under 12,000 feet. There is a ski lodge on Mount Charleston. Nevada has “Island” mountains and is the most mountainous state in the union, just behind Alaska. I love my adopted state!

    • Yes, it has a flat, table-like top! It would be fin to walk around it. The whole area up there and the ski lodge are beautiful!

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