A Streaming Sunset

This is real streaming, not the streaming you get on TV, welcome to last night’s beautiful sunset! I love the beautiful, long streaks of sunlight passing by or through the clouds. Ahh, those beautiful Las Vegas sunsets! Click the pic.

12 thoughts on “A Streaming Sunset

    • Hi Rudi, thank you so much! I happened upon this when walking to the mailbox, ran and grabbed the Nikon. It’s a 50mm Nikkor with a number 4 ND filter.

  1. A perfect fit for my grade seven music book’s opening song. All Glory, Laud, and Honor. I always think of “Glory streams from heaven afar” though, which is from Silent Night, right? But somehow my memory is attached to a photo like this in the music book with the light streaming down through the clouds. Beautiful photo, John.

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