Belles Fleurs

Well of course I had to take more flower photos at the store today! After waiting nearly two hours this morning for a damn simple blood draw I was ready to hit the pharmacy then the grocery store. Old Johnny’s cupboards were getting rather bare! My local Quest lab is as far as I’m concerned, terribly understaffed. Nobody should have to wait so long for something so damn simple. I did enjoy a couple of nice chats though with folks. Next time, make an appointment, John!

18 thoughts on “Belles Fleurs

    • Making an appointment wouldn’t be a problem at all, Annmarie. I saw the lab paperwork on my desk yesterday, forgot about doing this so I grabbed it and headed down the road to the hospital.

      Second floor.No appointment. The TV in the lobby showed only people with appointments which were being taken care of first. Appointment? Prioritised.

      Weird because I have been there a few times now without an appointment and got in very quickly. It shouldn’t be like this…

            • Just three? That’s way too few. The office here has 9 or 10, way too few considering the flow of people in there daily. There is another office about five minutes drive away, they have many locations around the city.

              • We usually have 9 or 10 but it is a small office and they cut back to allow for social distancing. They have clinics all over the city but they are all in small spaces. The worst is that they only have 4 booths for doing the actual tests and they seldom have 4 technicians to fill them.

                • See, that’s just wrong. The lobby for the place I usually go has 12 or so chairs, but with the stupid virus, there are only 7. The rest of the people must sit on the benches in the hallway. I’m so tired of this crap!

                  • I don’t know what it is like there but here there are definitely larger, vacant, spots that they could put clinics during this pandemic so that the sick, pregnant, and elderly do not have to pay the price.

                    • I agree, yet the city, township if you have them, and county people will go with what their bean counters say. Money always trumps human life in too many cases!

    • Hi Anita, please do! I really believe that some of these grocery store flowers are as good as your local florist. I always compliment the different ladies who put these beautiful arrangements together. ❤️🌹

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