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My new dash camera arrived yesterday, I need to install it today. Considering the number of idiots driving in Las Vegas, I think it’s a very good idea. Example: Walking into the grocery store this morning to get some items I forgot the other day, a driver drove like a bat out of hell to the end of the lot, slamming the brakes on and kicking up a cloud of smoke.

He then turned around and drove to the other end of the lot where his rampage began. This asswipe can’t control his anger! He then walked into the satellite ER building. What the **** is wrong with this moron! Another good reason to have a dashcam in your vehicle. Some of the people in this city are very scary to me! Visit the Nexar website.

10 thoughts on “Nexar Dash Camera

  1. I bought one weeks after I got the Jeep. Maybe I had just ignored it when I was driving the much larger explorer, but it seemed that the crazies really came out after the vehicle change. What is really funny is watching someone who has been riding right on my back bumper back quickly away when I reach up and appear to adjust the camera. I have one that has dual camera, front of car and inside. That way no one can say that I was on my phone or otherwise distracted.

    • Your camera sounds like a really nice one with the extra cameras. My camera points forward only. I still haven’t tried it yet but will tomorrow. It’s 5:21 here, three hours behind you.

  2. You definitely have some issues that have eluded us so far! But we definitely have our share of idiots on the road. I have actually been stopped at a crosswalk (with people crossing in front of my vehicle) and had people behind me honking their horn, waving their fist, and bumping into me to make me move. Thanks but I will wait! I hope you never have to use your dashcam to vindicate yourself in a court case.

    • Thank you, Annmarie, I hope so too. I just finished installing it, the hardest part was routing the power cable. The way people are here, if you bump someone as you describe, you may end up in a fist fight. Or not, people are crazy today. I think the virus, job loss, home loss and such have made people ever more angry. I sound terribly negative but this is what I see happening today.

    • Thanks, Rudi. The whole dash cam thing has come about because of so many people looking to make free money from accidents. Absolutely crazy. I think of my country today as a Litigation Nation as people are sue happy here. They even fake slip and falls or run in front of moving cars and trucks, hoping to make free money. It’s so pathetic what this country has come too. I’m sad…

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