Photos From 2019

Let’s go back in time to before the damn virus flipped the world upside down. Here’s a random selection of photos from my solid-state external backup drive this morning. I have gigs upon gigs of photography on that drive to the point that I could run this blog exclusively from it! How is your weekend going? Any big plans? My plan is to stay home as usual and also take a nice drive around town too. Sunshine and 93F is the forecast for Las Vegas today, wonderful!

8 thoughts on “Photos From 2019

    • I think they are keeping the powerful desert sun off of them, a sunburn is no fun! That photo was taken on the trail that surrounds Lone Mountain, just north of Alexander Road.

    • Hi Anita, thank you! You are so kind. ❤️ I believe that the virus will eventually vanish like the other pandemics have, but it’ll be a while yet. The whole world has had more than enough of this crap.

  1. Sometimes I can barely remember what life was like pre COVID. how we hopped on a plane without a care in the world. Good to remember that this is not a forever but a time to make us appreciate all we have that much more. Wishing you a great weekend John.

    • I totally agree! I can still remember the day when I first heard of the virus. It was very scary. It’s wonderful that a vaccine was available so quickly, saving so many lives. I’ve flown once last May, wearing the mask the entire time which was very uncomfortable but well worth it! Have a great weekend too!

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