Westbound on Lake Mead Boulevard

I snapped these photos after leaving that ridiculous almost two-hour wait at the phlebotomist office. Grrr. The foothills in the distance are a bit larger than they appear in the photo. It must be the 50mm lens? Lake Mead Boulevard crosses the entire width of Las Vegas Valley on an east to west axis.

It deadends on the west side at the foothills in the photo just after crossing over the 215 freeway. On the east side, the boulevard climbs sharply and eventually takes you into the beautiful Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Well worth the drive for any tourist that doesn’t want to waste their entire holiday in a casino on the Strip!

Las Vegas is a very well-groomed city!

4 thoughts on “Westbound on Lake Mead Boulevard

  1. Nice view, John. The trees look remarkably green… have you had rain?
    Do you give blood regularly or for health reasons? I have hemochromatosis, so have to give a pint when my ferritin numbers go up. I just realized I’m due for another… thanks for the reminder! 😉

    • Your welcome, Eliza! The palms are green all year, very few trees change color here but they just drop the leaves making a mess. That’s why I have all palm trees on my property at home! We had more monsoon rain this year than last but it’s still not enough to help Lake Mead. The Fed has stepped in now to regulate the water being discharged below Hoover dam. Water from the lake is sent to California, Arizona and I think some goes to Mexico since the Colorado River passes into Mexico. Not good considering the booming housing industry here.

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