Las Vegas, 2017

Here are a few older photos from my collection in 2017. Did I ever tell you that after my third and final divorce, I deleted gigs of photography taken during that marriage? That is five years of photography. Why? Pain. Anger, Anguish. Sorrow. And some of those feelings are still with me today regardless of my certainly making some stupid choices. In retrospect, I am actually grateful to be a single man again. It’s wonderful to have full control over each area of my life.

14 thoughts on “Las Vegas, 2017

  1. I am very happy to be with Dan, but I understand your comfort in being single. During the years between my ex and Dan, I was quite happy to be single. It was so comfortable to know that I and I alone was responsible for any decisions I made – it’s not like I ran around making irresponsible decisions but I never had to second guess myself. Just do it and deal with it!

    • Thank you, Annmarie. You know just what I mean, it is nice to come home and find that everything is as I left it. I despise clutter! Having full control over my money is so much cheaper than a girlfriend! That said, a gal pal would be great but she will know in no uncertain terms that there will be no marriage and no, you can’t have access to my bank account! 😂

  2. I know the feeling of deleting painful memory pictures. I am also comfortable at present, being alone..but that doesn’t mean I am not open minded to the future.

    • We think alike! If I ever have a gal pal again, she would have to almost literally fall into my lap which would be fun! It’s been five years…

    • Thank you, I’m glad that you like the photo! The road is Charleston Boulevard looking west. The angled head of one mountain is called Turtle Head Peak, the area around it is a rock climbers paradise. In the cooler months, the place is crawling with climbers from many states. So many photo opportunities too.

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