The Valley Of Fire, 2017

Have you visited the beautiful Valley Of Fire? Located many miles north of Las Vegas, take the fifteen freeway north out of the city and watch for the sign, exit to your right. There is a fuel station there along with slot machines of course, and a few food options. The place is always selling CB Radios and related components since it’s along a major freeway.

I plan on making the drive up there when our summer heat goes away, I haven’t used the Nikon Z6 out there yet. I’ll take the 50mm and the 24/70mm lens.

10 thoughts on “The Valley Of Fire, 2017

    • Thank you, Anneli! I am looking forward to doing another shoot out there, next up will be Hoover Dam. Due to the damn virus, the dam was closed for a long time. It is open now but with restrictions of course. I suppose it’s parking related along with people spacing. Anyone could be toxic! More so the dopes who choose not to be vaccinated. Duh…

      • As long as you’re vaccinated it shouldn’t matter too much what other people do (you should be safe enough), but it would help get rid of the virus sooner if more people did get the shot.

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