Return Of The Smoke Fog

On my way to the doctor’s appointment this morning, I notice that the air smelt a bit weird. Getting on the road I noticed that it was unfortunately the smoke fog, it hasn’t been here in a good while. Those damn fires have been burning for months it seems, how totally sad.

Here is a set of photos taken very quickly as I was heading south on the two-fifteen freeway. Basically point-and-shoot photo, no time to focus. On a different note, yours truly made a big mistake yesterday and this morning which precluded me from having this test done.

I can’t take my Metformin the day before or the morning of the test. Nor can I take it three days after the test. Metformin has a habit of reacting terribly with the Iodine the technician injects you with. Dammit! So, I’ve rescheduled the test for Thursday. Dammit! 😂😂

9 thoughts on “Return Of The Smoke Fog

  1. It is unimaginable that California is still burning! Our hospitals in Saskatchewan are full of Covid patients, I have no idea what would happen if we were smothering in wood smoke. I wonder how California keeps up with it all.

  2. The sky looks so eerie covered in a smoky haze. It’s been a terrible year for wildfires. We’ve even had some in northwestern Ontario and experienced some smoky conditions.

    • I’m sorry that you’ve had fires way up there too. This smoke is from the California wildfires, I feel bad for those folks having to deal with the constant fires. The smoke will blow away for today, I hope.

    • I just do what the techs and doctors say, they know much more than I do! Missing two days shouldn’t mess up my glucose much if any.

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