The End Of The Road

Where the wonderful Bonnie Springs Ranch once stood at the end of Bonnie Springs Road, this is the view that greets you today. The attractions, restaurant, and more were located directly ahead. Now it’s dead. The sign that I blurred has contact numbers that nobody needs to have. The other photos were taken between the fence and Charleston Boulevard to the east of my location. I just love these beautiful Joshua trees!

17 thoughts on “The End Of The Road

    • Oh yeah, I’m not the only one who misses the place. I suppose that monetary hard times is why the property was sold. I’ve been busy, sorry for missing your uploads, Annmarie.

    • Thank you so much! I love them and tend to think of them as desert people, each is different in height, size and shape. Just like us! They can live to be around 500 years old too, so amazing since they live in a climate with wild temperature changes from 115F in summer, to having snow on them occasionally in winter. They seem to prefer an altitude no higher than around 4000 feet. Amazing!

    • Bonnie Springs Ranch was a business that started long ago which hosted wild west attractions and more. It also had a hotel. Land developers purchased the entire property then the entire place was leveled. It has been sitting leveled for about two years now, hence the sign. Supposedly, a neighborhood of homes will be built there which angers me. This is a wild area, there is a state park directly next door too. Land developers are not good people!

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