A Video, City and Desert Photos

Good afternoon from Las Vegas Valley. The video was taken yesterday on Charleston Boulevard with the Escarpment looming large. The photo with many beautiful Joshua Trees was also taken yesterday and the others today on the way home from the doctor’s appointment that never happened. Check this out…

Two days ago, I couldn’t have my CT Scan because I screwed up and took my Metformin. Today, I was all set to have the CT done but couldn’t get it because the table you lay on suddenly broke. Apparently, it had gears grinding inside it! So, I once again had to drive all the way back home without the procedure taking place.

The technician was very apologetic, I was very forgiving. I said, hey, shit happens. That said, I hope to get the call tomorrow to return to a repaired CT machine complete with a functioning table. I meant what I said about shit happening, the technician seemed relieved that I wasn’t becoming belligerent. Of course, I didn’t!

12 thoughts on “A Video, City and Desert Photos

    • I sure hope so! I’ve been up since 4:30AM and can’t eat breakfast, hoping to get a very early phone call from that office that the machine is repaired. It’s a long drive there too!

    • Thanks, Lavinia! Well, the 100s are gone which is nice. It was in the mid 80s yesterday, perfect. Sunshine and 82 today, 80s into next week, perfect!

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