Here are some photos fresh and hot from the Nikon and a 50mm lens this afternoon, zero editing, that’s why you can see a few boogers in the photos that I normally remove. Such a beautiful day today with a nice breeze and seventy-nine wonderful degrees! I have another fresh pot of my homebrew chili slow-cooking right now, yum!

Why Does It Smell Like Fish In Here?

Oh, I forgot that I baked these frozen fish sticks! For being frozen fish, the damn things are pretty darn tasty to this old bachelor’s palette! A few days ago, I bought a bag of frozen beef stew which I must say was pretty darn good for a frozen product. Are frozen foods really any good, and are they good for you? Fresh versus frozen…

Mojave Desert Colors

These photos were taken in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in 2018. This area is just east of Las Vegas. Access is easy from the city by taking Lake Mead Boulevard east, you’ll drive right into the park. The photos don’t really do the beautiful colors justice. I was using the old Nikon D3300 body too. The Nikon Z6 would do a better job I’m sure.

Police Chopper Lifts Off

Changing it up a bit this morning, here’s a video I recorded at the Scenic Overlook in 2018. I don’t recall what the reason was for the chopper to be there but it’s an amazing display of how a helicopter works. I’ve flown in one many years ago in Michigan and it scared the crap out of me! It was windy, the chopper was bobbing up and down like a bobber on the water with a fish on the hook, scary! Partly sunny and 81 degrees today, another beautiful Mojave Desert day!

Scenes From Lovell Canyon

It’s been three years since I last visited Lovell Canyon, a very nice wildlife area. If you go east up the ridge, you will eventually fall into the Red Rock Canyon area. And I do mean fall! About 1000 feet or more to the desert floor below. This is an ancient fault line, I wish I knew the last time it shifted. Read about Lovell Canyon.

More Horsing Around

Just two more horse photos from today, I complimented the woman driving that good-looking rig, painted to match. The other photo is pretty dumb, but you can see the Strip several miles southeast of that location. The fencing is these because this bridge crosses the 215 freeway. I suppose the fence is to stop the jumpers…

At The Park

Today’s joy ride took me back to my favorite little park that has the horse arena. There happened to be several horses there today so I hopped out and took a walk to the arena. These horses are such posers, beautiful animals! The grader is there because the dog park is still being built. A park within a park, eh? The current weather is sunshine and 81F.

Doctor Reefer

In a state where you can legally purchase marijuana, you’re going to see all kinds of signs advertising weed. Weed is weed no matter who you buy it from, it’s all about the price. My home state went legal a year or more ago. What do you think about legalising pot? Why has alcohol been legal forever, yet pot has been vilified?