Never Ending Road Construction

It seems like anywhere I travel around Las Vegas, I come across more road construction be it the freeways or sub streets. It’s annoying but what can we do about it. As with southern states, the work can progress all year round too. I sometimes think that the workers being unionised are simply milking as much cash from the job as possible.

I have never been a fan of unions…

7 thoughts on “Never Ending Road Construction

  1. We’ve just had a run on fuel, it wasn’t as bad as the papers made out. I managed to get from Glasgow to Manchester fuelled in both locations without a problem at the first weekend of the driver shortage, then from Manchester (the garage here was smart and limited people to £30 top up, minimum refill £15, then I drove to London refuelled on route. But some areas apparently had one hour or more queues, stations that didn’t ration and ran out completely. People who only use a full tank each month all went out and topped right up because of the scary headlines.

    • Hi Charlotte, I heard about the fuel shortage from other UK blogs and Instagram accounts I follow. I don’t understand how this shortage began. Is there even a shortage of fuel? We have no shortage over here, but the prices are stupid high for American prices. I’m glad that you guys made the trip without having to catch a ride!

      • My Mum said one fuel provider said they were drivers short and weren’t able to supply a few petrol stations, it got reported in the news and spread on social media everyone went out to top up their cars and the fuel stations all ran out, then the next day people who hadn’t rushed out to buy went to fill up and the stations were running out as fast as they could fill them up with tankers. The garage I filled up at said they had sold three times the amount of fuel they usually would on a weekend. I was quite relieved i fuelled up ok but I saw on the news today there are still problems in London, they should have tried the minimum, maximum order thing no less than £15 no more than £35. It is £1.42 per litre so in dollars that would be around $1.92 per litre.

  2. Road and utility construction can be a pain not only in a big city, but in small towns or even the country. Ask the farmer that has to go an extra 10 miles while the bridge on the direct route is closed for repair/replacement.

    • Indeed, that bridge situation happened right down the road from my old home in Michigan. It was a two-lane country road.

    • Of course but what a pain in the bum in a city this big! I had just left the doctor’s office famished, heading for Denny’s for a yummy club sandwich!

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