Walking Among Giants

Some Joshua Trees are very tall and impressive, others are short and twisted while some are dead or dying. Joshua Trees are the long-living people of the Mojave Desert, capable of living for about 500 years. They grow only in this desert too.

10 thoughts on “Walking Among Giants

    • You bet! There is one in a front yard just north of me that’s really huge, too huge for my little front yard.

    • Thanks, Rebecca, the photos never do the area real justice. On a warm day with little wind, stand and be silent. You will hear birds , bushes rustling with critters. Jackrabbits. Ground squirrels. Wonderful. I have yet to see a desert tortoise or any snakes though.

    • Thank you! The tallest trunk on the right has got to be twenty feet tall, so impressive to walk through these beautiful trees!

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