Another Bird Splat

I didn’t hear this poor bird hit the window and didn’t find a dead carcass either. Just two feathers stuck on the stucco, I’m glad that the bird flew away. I still can’t understand why a bird would fly into what must be a dark hole? It’s cool this morning at around 66F but does feel nice, kind of reminds me of Michigan. These are iPhone photos from seven AM, Las Vegas will hit 88 degrees today with full sunshine, perfect!

22 thoughts on “Another Bird Splat

  1. Glad to hear that the bird flew away. Last month we came home to find a dead bird on our front porch. I’m wondering whether we should put up bird window decals or something.

    • That’s a bummer, poor baby. I don’t know if putting things on the glass really helps, maybe a small net a few inches away from the glass. I don’t know but it’s sad.

  2. I never understand why the birds want to splat into windows. I know it’s the reflection of the trees – but, seriously, with a live tree like that in the yard, why go for the reflection!? Great photos – lovely temperatures too.

    • Can any of us really understand what they really see in the window and decide to go there? Poor little darlings. It was this time last year that one hit that same window and died. He’s buried under my wood chips. 😞 We will be in the 80s all of next week, wonderful! 🌴☺️🌵🌞

      • Not even my cats understand the bird behaviors! They do jump as high as I do when a bird hits the window. Aw, we’ve had a few not make it too. It’s sad.
        That’s a beautiful forecast – we’ll be in the low 70s I think. Perfect weather for viewing the colors in the trees that are changing fast.

        • Your cats are beautiful! I see the colors changing on blogs I follow here, and on some Michigan Instagram accounts too. Even in Sweden on a blog and Instagram I follow. Maria is Swedish, she lived in California then Las Vegas. Now she’s gone home to Sweden.

          • Thank you. Aw, that’s wonderful that you’re getting a scenic view from around the world! I haven’t been to Maria’s site for awhile, I do follow her on Instagram too. Thanks for the link!

    • Thank you, the sun had just risen behind me, lighting that palm up nicely. Last year at this time, a bird wasn’t so lucky. I buried it in the backyard, sweet little thing. 😞

        • We never want to see them die like this. I love sitting in the backyard and watching the many kinds of birds zipping about. Sometimes, they almost hit my head as they fly by super fast! ❤️🥰

  3. This time of year we have a lot of birds hitting the windows. Hawks are after them a lot while they congregate around the bird feeders, and the increasingly cold temperatures tell the birds it’s urgent that they feed like crazy to get stronger for the winter. I always feel bad though when a bird hits.

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