Hungry Quacks!

On the way home I stopped by the lake to photograph these very hungry birds from the cab of my truck. People are feeding them which is forbidden according to the sign a few feet away. I bet they are tossing bread out for them too which has zero nutritional value for the birds, perhaps not even for people too.

Not a great photo as I couldn’t focus the 50mm lens properly. The clouds have again blocked my wonderful sunshine and I am wondering when the frequent windstorms will return to the valley since the summer has gone. Those fifty-plus mile-per-hour winds can be exciting as my house creeks in the powerful winds!

13 thoughts on “Hungry Quacks!

  1. I like the reflection in your image John. Wonder bread, it’s a wonder they can call it bread? Carbs and sugar (or corn syrup) .. the two things we eat too much of and it’s difficult to avoid, along with salt. We’re the ones that are quackers!

    • LOL, yes we are, have a look at the world today. I haven’t ate that “bread” in a very long time, yuck!

    • I agree, I think the white ducks are called Pekin ducks? The others I don’t know besides the mallards.

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