Tourists In Grayscale

Going back to 2017, the cluster of tourists are standing along Las Vegas Boulevard on the Vegas Strip, waiting to cross one of the many (and dangerous) streets. Do yourself a favor, don’t stare at your phone screen! I see people do this almost every day anywhere in the city, and it’s a damn dumb thing to do when crossing on the zebra crossing.

The other photo shows a very common sight – tourists taking photos of each other at the large rock with Red Rock Canyon inscribed on it. You will see license plates from all over the States and Canada parked here. Thank you for your patronage, we locals visit this beautiful place frequently. So much better than the Vegas Strip, and cheaper too!

Many Vegas Locals avoid the Strip, no thanks!

17 thoughts on “Tourists In Grayscale

  1. I remember seeing that the last time I visited and thought, “Wow y’all are stupid!” Some driver may be doing the same thing and plow right into you and you wouldn’t see it coming cause you’re staring at the phone.

  2. Love the shots in black and white. I know what you mean about people who are glued to their phones at a busy intersection. That’s just an accident waiting to happen.

    • Thanks, it’s a death waiting to happen! You can’t afford to be so slack in a city like Las Vegas as the pace is super fast, many drivers are very aggressive, some angry!

  3. We drove by there today and one idiot stepped off the curb right in front of us causing Cin to almost have to stop. Everyone around looked at him for being an idiot.

    • Do you mean the big rock sign? I’ve seen way too many tourists standing way too close to the road there! Idiots. And, I’ve seen motorcycles riding wheelies down the road, passing me going the other way! No brains, no respect for others’ lives and property. these morons should never be allowed to ride a motorcycle again!

        • Oh, OK. I haven’t been down there in a long time now thanks to the damn virus. I follow the Fremont Street account on Instagram, they’ve had some bands playing recently. Back open again!

  4. As I’ve mentioned before John we love Red Rock Canyon. Such a difference from the Strip to be sure. Interesting to see it in black and white illustrating the texture.

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