A Gray Day

A chance of rain and plenty of wind is forecast for today in the valley, the next several days will see only the seventies and upper sixties for high temperatures. My, how time changes things! No more 115F days?

18 thoughts on “A Gray Day

  1. Its been raining here the past two days. Its supposed to start clearing up tomorrow and Sunday be nice. I hope so as my son plans on going to the race over in Charlotte Sunday.

    • I’ll go to the race! You east coast folk are getting all the rain this year and last too I think. It’s not fair! It’s stopped raining here now, the roads are dry so I ventured to the store. I won’t drive if it’s raining because it trashes my super clean west coast truck, LOL!!

  2. We are seeing more days like that here now, though we are not into the really rainy period yet. We did have a frost this morning. It was 32 degrees on the nose here this morning.

    • Burrrness! That’s not a word but it works, I haven’t felt 32F in a very long time. It’s been raining all day here so far which is wonderful.

    • It sure is, I saw them from the backyard shortly before I took the photo from the street. It’s easy to see the rain sails over the valley.

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