John Lennon’s 81st Birthday

Today is, or would have been John Lennon’s 81st birthday. I remember hearing about his death and how my sister and I cried together. I am still sad and a bit angry about this. Why! He was a good man and a brilliant musician. I remember listening to The Beatles on family trips in the car when my sister and I were little children in the backseat. Their music has been with me every day of my life and I consider that a real privilege. They were so far ahead of their time!

God bless you, Mr. Lennon 🇬🇧

16 thoughts on “John Lennon’s 81st Birthday

    • Oh cripes, there are too many to mention, Shelley. I was just thinking about him a few minutes ag and remembered a family trip we took in the mid or late 60s.

      Sister and I in the backseat while mom and dad were listening to The Beatles!

      That was the trip my head was rolled up in the window. Damn power windows! 😂

  1. We remembered this today in our home too. So many times, we’ve wondered…what if? What if he had lived? He was definitely one of a kind.

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