Old Glory and A Lake View

Good early afternoon! Running some errands this morning I snapped some random photos. The lake photo is from the Nikon with the 24/70mm lens. The others are from the iPhone 12. This gas station recently replaced the flag which is why it looks so clean and crispy. It’s a beautiful day with sunny skies and upper 60s which is so much cooler!

The iPhone photos are unprocessed

16 thoughts on “Old Glory and A Lake View

  1. Those blue skies look beautiful. After about a full week of overcast, we’re finally enjoying some sun here in southern Ontario. The weather is unusually warm as well. If it weren’t for the leaves changing colour I would have guessed that it was still summer.

    • Thanks, Vegas has 300+ days per year of sunshine but since it’s autumn, our windstorms are returning on time. A High Wind Warning is in effect until late tomorrow with unseasonably cool temps and gusts to 55MPH. Normal for here this time of year.

  2. I learned today the biggest gas station ever in outside Vegas. Bigger than a Texas Bucee’s! As usual, your photos are wonderful, no matter if you use your phone or the camera (I admit I’m not good at telling the difference).

    • Aww thanks very much!! I can’t think of any super big fuel stations around here except a big truck stop several miles north of the city along the 15 freeway.

        • OK, you got me! I had to use Google Earth to see it, so amazing. I’ve never seen so many fuel pumps in one place! I’ve been to the sports skydiving airport across the road, but don’t recall this mammoth place. I don’t like Terribles, not for the stupid name, but because they card ANYONE to buy booze. I find it a bit offensive.

          • How interesting cause I see it as a compliment. Kids these days look so much older than they are (my son is 6 feet tall and 275 pounds and people think he’s an adult!

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