The View From Inside A Windstorm

As I mentioned briefly in the previous post, our windstorm is still blasting the Mojave Desert dust high above the valley. Isn’t this lovely? This was my view when walking to the mailbox, my eyes were hit with so much dust that you just want to close your eyes which I did briefly. If you wanna live in a desert, then ya gotta deal with this!

11 thoughts on “The View From Inside A Windstorm

  1. John, please stay safe. I hope you will not lose electricity. The video is fascinating but scary. The photo is unbelievably beautiful!

    • Thank you, Kaya. all is well. I laid the backyard furniture over and took a table into the garage to save the glass from breaking if it fell over. Just lots of debris to be cleaned up. Still gonna blow until around 5PM today.

    • My eyes were not happy which is why I stayed indoor! Weather like this shuts truckers down on the highways around here, they will be blown over. Best thing to do is park with the length of the truck facing into the wind.

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