Matters Of The Heart

Well, it wasn’t good news from my cardiologist this afternoon. The CT scan of my ticker a few days ago has revealed that two of the three main arteries going into or from the heart have very bad blockages. Hence, the doctor ordered STAT what I think is called a catheterization which will lead to two stents likely be inserted into the affected areas.

Talk about a big shocker! I am a bit scared, not afraid to say so either. However, this procedure is common and has a great success rate so I am optimistic that this will turn out fine. Speaking with my family about this on the phone, people they know that have had this procedure always feel much better after it is done. My dad is getting a stent next month.

In the end, this is up to God and his plan for me, my faith is strong. I trust in Him! I’m not looking for sympathy by mentioning this, it’s private stuff but I simply want to share this with my online friends that I enjoy so much!

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  1. Thinking of you my friend. Its the thought of these things, the shock, that is often much much worse than the procedure. The mind can be very unhelpful sometimes. However i know plenty of people who have had stents. Although probably not the most pleasant way to spend your time they do an amazing job, often having instant and long lasting benefits. They are fantastic so i am glad you are getting them done. I am sure they will greatly improve your quality of life. Good luck.

  2. I’ve got a couple of stents in John and it’s a bit strange laying there when the docs do what they need to do but it’s not too bad pal.

    • Thanks so much, Lavinia! I expect a good result. It’s scary though knowing that your heart is so compromised… 😕 A heart beat is all that stands between life and eternity.

  3. Sorry to hear about the blockage in your heart. Good thing you got it looked at before it becomes even more problematic. Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long for the procedure. Wishing you a smooth and quick recovery.

  4. It’s scary waiting for test results and surgery, but thankfully they discovered this through the tests. Please take care and wishing you and your father a speedy recovery.🙂

    • Thanks very much! It’s weird talking to your father about us both having stents almost on the same day. He 93, me 60. Life is so weird man…

    • Thanks so much my friend, I expect a very good outcome. Think positive! This is a routine procedure these days and it’s actually an outpatient procedure. Amazing!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that and of course you’re a bit scared but we’re all sending lots of good energy your way and hopefully everything will go well.

  6. Sad to hear this. I’d be worried too. But it’s better it is found early that not knowing to have this. Wish you the best outcome and fast recovery.

    • Hi Dennis, thanks very much! I’ve been very lucky that a heart attack hasn’t happened. Stay safe my friend.

      • Thank you! Indeed lucky. I’m glad they found it early!

        By the way, slightly unrelated, but my 2 years old foster sister was born with a hole in the heart. It seems to be not so uncommon, but some childs have luck and it growns together. They checked her regularly, but hers got sadly bigger. Not critical as of now but she has a surgery beginning next year and it scares the family but it has to be done too. The procedure will be minimally invasive. We trust them. Lübeck and Kiel in our federal state are both THE center in Germany for cardiovascular/heart research and many of the world wide used procedures come from here.

        Be it Germany or the US, we can be fortunate to live in our places as our scientists researched and developed a lot of stuff together, which eventually led to all the medical possibilites our specialists have at our places and world wide.

        Good luck my friend!

        • Dennis, thank you for this wonderful information! I had no idea.☺️ Thanks again for your well wishes, Dennis.

    • Thanks so much for your positive vibes, guys! I expect no problems afterward. ❤️🙏🏻☺️

  7. John! I’m sure you’re nervous and worried, but they caught something that needs to be fixed; and these experts have your best interest at heart. I have no doubt that it will all work out and that you’ll feel 💯 too.
    Please know we are all here wishing you well and praying for you. ❤️

    • Thanks, Anneli! I expect this will go perfectly. My dad is 93 and in better health than I am in some ways. We both get the stents about a week apart, I’m in shitty shape for a 60 year old guy…

    • Thanks so much, Tim! I very much appreciate you! I expect all will be fine, I’m not giving up on life just yet!

    • Thank you, Leah! I expect all will go well. This is an outpatient surgery which is really incredible considering what is being done! Actually going inside and/or near the human heart.

    • Hi Cindy, thanks so much my friend. I expect all will be fine post-surgery. It’s amazing that this is an outpatient surgery!

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