Freeway Fun

It’s always fun to take the freeway, right? Nope! Not here anyway, and it’s nothing compared to California driving. I had yet another doctor’s appointment today, these photos were taken along the way to and from the office. How do I get photos while driving? Very carefully! I had the 50mm lens attached, so this is basically point and shoot photography since the lens once set to the proper focus, just takes sharp photos. Click! Thank you, nifty fifty!

16 thoughts on “Freeway Fun

  1. I am very impressed at your ability to take such great shots while driving. One of the reasons we moved out of the city this summer was to get away from all the traffic (and people).

    • Thanks, I always admit that this is not a good thing to do! I totally understand why you left, I came from the countryside of Michigan. Been here almost ten years and sometimes I wonder why I stayed after the divorce. But, the mountains, mild climate and beautiful Mojave Desert have kept me away from those bitter winters.

  2. There is an interstate that runs north and south through the nearby town. I avoid that road if possible. I would go miles out of my way to avoid that road as it is almost always at a near of not full dead stop due to accidents.

    • Going south on the way to the appointment, it was around 1PM so the southbound traffic was light. Heading back north later it was very crowded, hand on horn button at the ready! I try not to flank other drivers as I may be in their blind spot. Back home, the largest concern was deer jumping out of the farmer’s corn fields along the road.

      • Bad time of year for wildlife for sure! It drives me crazy when people come up beside us and then don’t pass. We only have two lanes so that blocks anyone behind from passing. It’s just rude. 😯

        • That happened today! Best solution is to accelerate or foot off of throttle. Let them go by as if they are a rude tailgater.

          These people are very aggressive drivers, and coming from the farm fields of Michigan, I am inclined to slow down.

          Rude describes many folks here, Annmarie. It’s so refreshing to speak with other native Michiganders here and there are plenty of us. The energy is different, the attitude much friendlier!

    • Thanks Anita. This doesn’t always work, but I’ve found it super easy to do with the 50mm lens since it lacks the zoom option. Photos are straightened before going to the next app. I fully admit that this isn’t a good thing to do though…

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