Filthy Tables and Stripper Lessons

Yuck. I wish I’d have seen the filth on that table before I ordered yesterday! Taco Hell, I mean Taco Bell dropped the ball! Strippers don’t get me excited. The last time I was in such a place was back in the 1980s when some friends and I took our buddy across the border to Windsor, Ontario where we could drink legally as the age was 18 at the time.

I felt very uncomfortable in that joint but meanwhile, my friend’s eyeballs were popping out as the gal gave him the lap dance and whatever else she did. No thanks, that’s so cheesy! Here I am decades beyond those days and strippers are still cheesy to me! So demeaning and derogatory to women and that makes me mad. Thanks for listening…

24 thoughts on “Filthy Tables and Stripper Lessons

  1. So I had to read a couple of times and see the photos, then I figured it out. I have never visited a taco bell, I think someone-somewhere, brought in food from there and I wasn’t impressed, or maybe that was bojangles..neither one I find amazing.
    Recently there was a posting on Facebook about pole dancing lessons for children. I don’t recall exactly where it was, but I’m thinking somewhere around Indiana. The uproar and outrage from that brought their facebook page down but I’m not sure how much further it went toward closing them down. Pole dancing for –children???? oh no.

    • I rarely visit a Taco Hell, thier food is nothing like authentic Mexican of which there are plenty of restaurants here that serve the real thing. Pole dancing for children is ludicrous! These people want to teach little girls to be sluts. Hell no!

    • Taco Hell, Taco Smell, Taco Hell! 😂 We have a small chain Mexican restaurant here that is absolutely delicious, and there are several mom and pop taco shops that are authentic because of our proximity to Mexico and other countries down there where the illegals come from. The link below takes you to the website of Frijole’s, so good!

  2. I have also noticed they don’t clean the machines between customers at self-checkouts anymore. They were so diligent for a while. They should keep doing it.

    • Oh boy, I did this again. Apologies, Annmarie. No, no strippers in any Taco Hell here. Sometimes my word placement is so far off. 😞

          • I have never been there so I can’t really say. At least you don’t have strippers at Taco Bell. 😂. From your photos, I would say Las Vegas is more scenic than sinful. 🙂

            • Much more scenic, thank you! One of my goals with this blog is to show people that there is so much more here than the Strip. I very rarely go down there, even before the days of covid. Funny that many locals ignore the strip while people elsewhere want to badly to visit.

              • I would prefer the scenery and I do appreciate you sharing the photos that you do! 🙂. To each his own but I have never had any inclination to visit the Las Vegas strip.

    • Gross! All food service workers depending on the specific job, are required to take a food safety course and keep the “license” with them to get a job here. Weird, yet a good idea.

      I’ve never seen this in Michigan. Each restaurant must display a letter in a conspicuous place showing the grade of the restaurant as assigned by Clark County officials.

      A being the best of course. Anything less, I’m out the door!

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