5 thoughts on “Mandalay Bay and Luxor

  1. I don’t remember that one. It definitely takes evil. I worry about where we are heading here. It is considered almost heroic to be frustrated and angry. Bonus points if you blame it on Trudeau. 🙄

    • I have heard of the Trudeau family on Canadian news and our news a long time ago. Nobody seems to like that family… A good source for Canadian news I have used for years went away when Radio Canada International, the shortwave radio service, went away some years ago.

      They had a large transmitter site in Sackville, NB. Your government cut millions off of the budget by switching to internet broadcasting. I get it, the bean counters win but for shortwave radio lovers like myself, this is a big bummer! The link below will give you some great information on the site.


      • Thank you for the link, John. I will check it out. Every government makes unpopular budget cuts and makes unpopular moves. The biggest issue with the Trudeaus is their heritage. English Canadians (especially in the west) hate anyone French and from Quebec . Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister for several terms and Justin just won this third election. They have the support where they need it. Alberta and Saskatchewan are particularly choked because Justin crushed our last Prime Minister, Steven Harper who was from Alberta (and who was a complete arrogant, ignorant, jerk). Harper and his goons are the ones who made government about personal attacks in Canada and who promoted the divide between East and West, French and English.

        • Thank you for this information, I understand why English speakers dislike this family so much. Sad. I remember Quebec trying to separate from Canada a few years ago, a referendum?

          • They are still here and. Now there are those in Alberta and Saskatchewan who want to separate. Some Albertans want to join the USA. I don’t care if they move there but Alberta is on Canadian soil. I didn’t think Quebec should be allowed to separate and I don’t think Alberta should. And I can’t imagine why they think they would have more power in the States than they would in Canada. They do not have the population to be a major power in either country.

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