Why Does Terrible’s Always Card Me?

Maybe you’ve had this experience too but there’s a particular gas station chain here that always without fail, cards anyone no matter their age. No joke! For a long time, I would not purchase fuel or anything else from this company until fairly recently.

I am assuming that what the young cashier told me today about why this company cards everyone is true. I can’t be sure, but she seemed very serious and sincere. She claims that an older man, older than I was so annoyed that he wasn’t carded that he actually took this company to court and won his case!

If this is the truth, then shame on you, you old codger! You have screwed other people like me over with your ignorance. How did I get into this conversation, to begin with? By using my standard line that goes: I‘m actually seventeen, I put this face on every day just for fun. Yep, that’s what I say just because it annoyed the shit outta me.

No, it doesn’t actually make me angry, it’s just so bloody stupid. Maybe this is payback for those high school years and just after those days in Michigan where my buddies and I could always buy a couple of six-packs of Mickey’s Mean Green malt liquor at a local party store. Gabe the owner never asked us for ID, he just wanted our money.

Smart guy. I sent an email to the “everyone over the age of 60” is a crook and a liar company. They basically brushed me off like I was dandruff. Sit on it, Malf… Here’s the Terrible’s website if you care to see it…

The license plates are in the hallway that goes to the toilets…

15 thoughts on “Why Does Terrible’s Always Card Me?

  1. I was carded once when I was 70. The guy who carded me looked young enough I questioned him about his age and whether he was old enough to sell me alcohol. It was a weird moment. “Seriously, do I look underage to you?” I asked him. It was some inane store policy he was enforcing, poor fellow!

    • And that’s whats going on here. The girl seemed sincere with her story about why this company cards older folk biut it’s pure BS that they get away with it. All because one old codger was upset that he was not! Carded.

      • The store where this is policy responded to a state program to increase checking identification to reduce underage purchases of alcohol. How this silliness at the store came about where grandfatherly greybeards in their 70s got carded by children young enough to be their grandchildren, maybe even great grandchildren (!) is a mystery. Over-zealousness, I suppose. You know, card everyone so you aren’t singling out one group by age over another, though it’s only one group by age where there is a potential for an illegal transaction.

  2. “I‘m actually seventeen, I put this face on every day just for fun”. That gave me a good chuckle. I’m going to use that line the next time I get carded.

    • Carding means being asked to produce proof of your age, old enough to purchase alcohol. This is the only company here that I am aware of that asks a 60 year old guy to prove he’s old enough to buy a can of beer. It’s totally ridiculous!

  3. I don’t remember getting carded even when I was younger, but I did get pulled over for driving my teenage son’s car away from a bar . I was there doing books, not drinking. Anyway this cop stops me and asked if I knew why. I said no, so he accused me of driving through a red light, from east to west, right on front of him. I told him he had FOLLOWED me out of the bar parking lot, so then he asked me if I had been drinking. Nope – not a sniff!

  4. Any time I purchase a product while shopping and the register pops up with is consumer over age XX? I’ll grin and tell them ‘barely’. I usually check out through people I know so they just grin at me and take it all in stride..

    • I’ve never seen that one, Rebecca. I think we are both over the age of 21… 😂 It’s frustrating and pointless.

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