Back When Fuel Was Cheap

Really cheap compared to today’s ludicrous prices, and that price is much higher in Europe too. I put this collage together last year I think. They are photos my Michigan buddy sent me. I have driven and been a passenger in several old cars like these that my family has owned and it was a real treat, nothing at all like our modern vehicles!

20 thoughts on “Back When Fuel Was Cheap

    • Old cars need lots of attention to keep them going, I’ve seen this in action plenty of times which makes you appreciate the dependability of today’s cars!

      • People used to be able to do a lot of their own repairs in the older vehicles. Now one has to take new vehicles to a shop for every little thing. And there is so much more that can go wrong in the electronic systems. I do much prefer the design of new vehicles though.

        • The electronics make them so much better yet when they do break down, you’ve got a huge repair bill. Cars and trucks can have several individual modules that run the lighting, turn signals, engine components. It’s too much for the average owner today. The techs for the big three manufacturers must attend classes occasionally to keep up with newer technology.

      • It is true. We frequent a silver diner by our new home. Little jukeboxes and for a moment we are back in a different time. The kids call it the “golden” diner, and maybe they’re right. It was a golden time in many ways.

    • Thanks, it’s so amazing how we have changed since after WW2. America may not see these wonderful, prosperous days again.

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