A Gentle Horse

I took a nice long ride around the area this early afternoon, such a beautiful day. Stopping by the park, I noticed a couple of horse trailers and horses in the arena so I had a walk down there. There were two really nice ladies there too so of course me being a very chatty person, had to strike up some conversation.

The horse in these photos was only 5 years old and was missing half of its tongue due to the previous owner up in Utah making some mistakes. So sad, the animal doesn’t deserve that of course, and it’s a very friendly horse. I’ll show the other horse in the next post. I admire horses for their beauty and strength but won’t get on one again.

10 thoughts on “A Gentle Horse

    • That’s so awful, Anneli The horse seems fine though, very calm and put it’s big nose through the fence so I can rub it, so cute!

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