Modified Palms

I have some extra iPhone photos leftover from late last night so I plugged these two into iColorama and Photoscape X as well as Impresso. How is your Thursday going?

13 thoughts on “Modified Palms

    • Chilly is too chilly for me! A bit of snow has already fallen at the ski lodge in the mountains outside of town, they are really stoked to go skiing. It rarely snows down here, when it does it’s just a wee bit that melts quickly. Yay! 😂

          • We have definitely had lasting snows in October but not so much in recent years. I remember when I was in the hospital in 2012, looking outside to the snow and feeling bad for those who were out there slogging their way to work. (while they were feeling bad for me being stuck in the hospital 😂)

            • I’m glad your not in the hospital, Annmarie! It’s never fun is it… When my sister and I were kids in the 60s, we seemed to get lots of snow earlier compared to now. I don’t believe in global warming so that’s out the window!

              • I am glad too. That was so bizarre. I worked all day Friday and got a sharp pain in my side. It went away so I went home, went shopping the next day with my daughter, took her girls for a sleepover. By morning I was so sick, I had to call her to pick them up and Dan took me to the hospital – where I stayed for a full month. (I had pneumonia, empyema, and a fully collapsed lung). Wasn’t fun but I had the most amazing cardiac specialist working on me. Still love him!

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