Old Desert Photos

Here are some older photos from at least two or more years ago, still looking but not like the photos I produce today. I had a nice ride to the pharmacy today but found nothing worth a photograph, I seriously need to take one of my half-day trips for a change, maybe the Las Vegas to Pahrump, Nevada ride. From Pahrump, it’s a fairly short drive to the edge of Death Valley, haven’t been there since the days of marriage. Makes me shudder… Never again.

7 thoughts on “Old Desert Photos

    • If you head north, it’s 500 miles to the state line! Nevada is a seriously huge state, a big chunk of it is owned by our government where they can do their dirty work in secret. Area 51 remembered.

    • Thanks so much again, Lavinia! I have a seriously huge archive of my photography stored both in the cloud and on a trusty SSD backup drive in the drawer. Everything I capture is stored.

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