From A Few Days Ago…

These pics have been in the Upload folder for two or three days now, time to send them on their way into the internet universe. Do you ever wonder how many of your photos are stolen and are floating out there with the wrong watermark on them? There’s really nothing you can do about it too.

Once uploaded and published, your photos and video are basically in the public domain as far as I’m concerned. Recently, I installed a right-click block plugin since I have the Business plan. I have no idea if it helps in any way.

11 thoughts on “From A Few Days Ago…

  1. I always reduce the size and watermark before posting. They could still be used for postcards I suppose, watermarks can be removed. Sometimes I put a secret watermark in a central part of the photo, so light no one would probably notice.

    • Hi Tone, I also reduce the image down to around 175kb for faster page loading. When I send photos to certain people via email or text, the watermark is always removed, it’s so easy. I too have added a very barely visible watermark on certain photos. We think alike, eh? 😂

  2. It’s pretty hard to avoid that “borrowing” of photos. I try not to post anything I didn’t take myself, unless I have the owner’s permission. Sometimes with things off the internet I’m not sure, but I try to say so and hope for the best.

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