Valley Views And A Bowling Alley

Here are some photos from this afternoon’s ride around the town. I have wanted to take up bowling again as it’s been a couple of decades since I rolled a strike. Taking a walk through the Santa Fe Casino was too damn stinky for me, that place apparently hasn’t invested in a smoke control system for their gross casino.

Everyone in the casino was wearing a mask though which is good but they don’t filter out the stench. Inside the bowling alley, I was disappointed to see several bowlers not wearing masks which leaves me wondering why the management apparently disregards this behavior. Well, the entire place looks well kept anyway, and the lanes are beautifully shiny.

Folks not wearing masks had me consider waiting until the situation calms down significantly. And that landline telephone! I just had to get a photo of it as they are very rare in Las Vegas. I remember when they were five or ten cents to place a call, this old thing asks 50 cents!

8 thoughts on “Valley Views And A Bowling Alley

  1. Lovely shots. That’s unfortunate about the mask situation though (or lack thereof). We are still required to wear a mask it all indoor settings here in Ontario, but there’s been talk of no longer making it mandatory come March.

    • I would keep wearing the mask regardless. Our mask mandate was put back in place several months ago, I wonder when it will be taken down again. It applies to vaccinated folks like me too.

  2. Yay – good luck bowling. There is something about a bowling alley that always smells like smoke to me. I spent many years watching my mom bowl with her league and they all smoked. Back in the 70s it was cool, I guess. That old phone is awesome, I haven’t seen one around our town in years.

    • Thanks! ☺️ Yes, which has me think about the days before cell phones and people looking down at a screen that has too much authority in our lives today. I se way too many drivers looking at screens when stopped at our long traffic lights.

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