A Very Windy Time Lapse Video

Well, the weather is right on time in delivering the windstorms this autumn! My house has been making the usual creaking noises again but I trust it won’t take any damage. Many homes here are built to withstand the scorching summers and apparently the many windstorms over the cooler months. My appointment is tomorrow for the two stents to be put in, wish me luck! I hope that you are having a great Monday.

19 thoughts on “A Very Windy Time Lapse Video

    • Thank you, GP, that’s a compliment! I could have moved there again but chose to stay here. No hurricanes or tornadoes.

      • Frankly, most of the hurricanes have been going past us and hitting TX or LA. (I hope I didn’t jinx myself now!!)

        • I hope you didn’t jinx you! I watch these storms closely on The Weather Channel at home and still believe I made the right choice to stay in Las Vegas in 2019.

    • Hi Derrick, thank you! No blockages were found! Something else is causing my shortness of breath, need to talk with my cardiologist.

    • Thanks, Anneli. I’m waiting for my ride to pick me up at 7, I am first iat the surgery center today at 8. Kinda scared, but this has got to be done.

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