My Chauffeur Drives Me Home

My driver was a great lady, so much fun to chat with, these are kind of boring iPhone photos taken just because I didn’t have to drive. But I never, ever feel safe in any vehicle unless I am behind the wheel!

6 thoughts on “My Chauffeur Drives Me Home

  1. WOW! I can’t take my eyes from this blue skies… So beautiful, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Neither, the doctor’s office won’t release patients to either service because of them being buzzed from any procedure. I used a concierge service the office trusts and has used many times before which I’m grateful for. I’ll keep their number for next time! Very nice ladies that run the operation.

    • Hi Derrick, it sure did! Doctor found zero heart blockages, the CT Scan lied and for that I am so grateful! It was amazing to watch what the doctor was doing on a large screen as he worked. Amazing technology. Blessed am I…

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