Doctor Reefer

In a state where you can legally purchase marijuana, you’re going to see all kinds of signs advertising weed. Weed is weed no matter who you buy it from, it’s all about the price. My home state went legal a year or more ago. What do you think about legalising pot? Why has alcohol been legal forever, yet pot has been vilified?

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  1. When it’s illegal, prices go up and profits go up and trade goes underground, but it doesn’t disappear.
    So making it legal is a better solution. As with alcohol and tobacco, users should be aware of responsible use.

  2. It’s legal here too and in my opinion it’s probably less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes’. A lot of the laws criminalizing marijuana are rooted in racism in the 1900’s. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with legalising weed and from what I’ve seen it doesn’t really do much harm.

  3. While I have never used it in any form, I have witnessed first hand the effects due to use. One of the main reasons I’ve never been interested. I do know that there are many medicinal uses for it as well, and that the lesser hemp even more so. A few times back when I was working we actually ran a yarn made from hemp. I always said I would be in serious trouble if I was pulled over because you could smell it on us after the manufacturing process. But, cannabis used medicinally cuts out a lot of big pharma profits so it became illegal..according to conversations I have had in the past.

    • Interesting, I’ve never worked with hemp.

      Big pharma can kiss by rear bumper! These companies are worth billions, yet the TV commercials have the gaul to state that they “may be able to help” with your prescription costs. Jerks!

      Unfortunately, I absolutely need many drugs that these greedy so-and-so’s make. Pot was never the evil weed that so many have hyped up it as for so long. Have they ever smoked? If not, they should shut up.

      Meanwhile, alcohol flows freely, helping many innocent people die because of drunk drivers. Alcohol and cigarettes will never be outlawed as the Fed makes so much money from these corporations.

      So much hypocrisy and pure bullshit!

  4. The laws against marijuana were only applied here if one was the wrong color or lived on the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak. I have never used it, but I would rather deal with a giddy, sleepy, hungry pothead than a belligerent drunk.

  5. It’s legal here now, but I don’t see any big problems developing and at least it doesn’t ruin kids’ lives anymore by getting arrested for trying it out. I don’t do it but most people I know who do aren’t criminals. It’s still not okay to be “impaired” in any of the usual situations.

    • You are exactly right, Anneli! Smoking and driving here is exactly the same as drinking and driving which is as it should be. I haven’t seen anyone go nuts here, nothing has changed since it was legalised. I have found it very hypocritical that booze is legal, yet pot isn’t and I believe it’s much less dangerous than booze. It won’t eat your liver up either! 😎😂

      That troll we chatted about yesterday showed up in this blog again this morning. Same numbers and letters, and no way to find the blog. We both have a troll problem. 🤬

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