46 Seconds Of Windstorm

I hesitate to upload this video because it is, after all, just the wind blasting one of my palm trees! I’ve lived here for two years now, these trees have seen numerous windstorms during my tenure and still haven’t lost a single frond.

18 thoughts on “46 Seconds Of Windstorm

    • Sorry, Rudi, I don’t believe in global warming. Earth’s geologic record proves that earth has warmed and cooled by itself for millions of years.

    • It looks super stormy, but all this area got were were sprinkles. This was the south end of a very large low pressure system moving over the northern states. Too bad the rain didn’t fall here, we need it so badly.

    • I agree! Consider that palm trees are not native to Las Vegas Valley or this area of the Mojave Desert. These are Mexican Fan Palms.

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