Scenes From Lovell Canyon

It’s been three years since I last visited Lovell Canyon, a very nice wildlife area. If you go east up the ridge, you will eventually fall into the Red Rock Canyon area. And I do mean fall! About 1000 feet or more to the desert floor below. This is an ancient fault line, I wish I knew the last time it shifted. Read about Lovell Canyon.

10 thoughts on “Scenes From Lovell Canyon

    • It does look hazy, must have been very high cloud cover that day. Under a sunny sky, the desert colors can really pop!

    • Hello again! Thanks, Annmarie, the 12 mile drive to where the pavement ends is a beautiful drive. It crosses washes that sometimes cover the road with sand and rocks. The county machinery clears the debris away. Camping is allowed in several areas along the 12 miles.

    • Thanks, Anneli! The paved road that comes off of SR160 heads north for 12 miles before it turns to dirt which is as far as I will go with my truck. I don’t do dirt roads. There is a campground just a short distance from where the pavement ends, camping is allowed in many places along that 12 miles too.

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