Police Chopper Lifts Off

Changing it up a bit this morning, here’s a video I recorded at the Scenic Overlook in 2018. I don’t recall what the reason was for the chopper to be there but it’s an amazing display of how a helicopter works. I’ve flown in one many years ago in Michigan and it scared the crap out of me! It was windy, the chopper was bobbing up and down like a bobber on the water with a fish on the hook, scary! Partly sunny and 81 degrees today, another beautiful Mojave Desert day!

8 thoughts on “Police Chopper Lifts Off

  1. Helicopters are definitely not for everyone! When I worked up in northern Manitoba for a road construction company ages ago, I was sent up in a glass bottomed helicopter to do a welfare check on guys working cutting bush. Good thing the pilot knew what I was supposed to be looking at because my eyes were closed for the duration.

    • A great analogy, Anneli! When I was married to number three, she worked at a hospital in administration. I was able to get several videos of the Life Flight choppers coming and going from the hospital. I no longer have those videos or photos as after the divorce, I literally deleted six years of photos and video out of my life. A bit harsh I guess, but it was the right decision.

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