15 thoughts on “Discombobulated Bicycle

    • Some folks are incurable crooks but maybe one of them did! It just amazes me how many people are willing to steal the bike, terrible.

      • I had my convertible stolen 3 times. The last time, they slashed the roof and the steering column. My car was sitting outside the shop (without a motor) where it was getting a motor replacement (due to damage from first two times it was stolen). 🙄

            • Oh, a Pontiac? My family has been, now out of the GM dealership business. I drove some of the first Sunbirds back in the late 70s with the terrible Iron Duke four-cylinder engines. The manual shift lever liked to pop out of gear and hit my hand HARD!

              • My convertible was an automatic. It was very special to me. I left my ex with a trainwreck of a little sedan, had a Taurus station wagon for a bit (before an old man ran a red light and totaled it (when son Mark was driving it.) I was without a vehicle when the annual February indoor sale here happened. This little convertible didn’t make it to the sale because the staff could not start it to move it to the sale location. The salesman offered to sell it to me for an amazing price if he could get it to start. We went out to look at it and the only thing wrong with it was that it was out of gas. 🤣🤣🤣 He sold it to me for the price he had agreed to. Had it for years and it drove so well.

                • I can see why you miss the car. I haven’t seen a proper station wagon in many years, they were good cars. Why they went out of style I don’t understand. It’s like white wall tires too. My truck is almost seven years old and has just 26K on it, it’s babied! And paid for, can’t see trading it in as it also has much sentimental value from our dealership days.

                  • I was never that big of a fan when it came to station wagons. We did have a Bobcat one that was super cute. Nobody missed the Taurus. Not with the Sunbird in the driveway. 😂

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