Why Does It Smell Like Fish In Here?

Oh, I forgot that I baked these frozen fish sticks! For being frozen fish, the damn things are pretty darn tasty to this old bachelor’s palette! A few days ago, I bought a bag of frozen beef stew which I must say was pretty darn good for a frozen product. Are frozen foods really any good, and are they good for you? Fresh versus frozen…

19 thoughts on “Why Does It Smell Like Fish In Here?

  1. Looks really good. As others said, I think it depends on what and how much as far as how good it is for you. I’ve heard it said that frozen can actually be better than fresh as say vegetables have to be frozen quickly. How true it is, I have no idea.

    • Hi Tone, I assume that the fish comes from our waters, I’ll have to look next time to see if the package tells the origin. I bet your enjoying that new bike, eh!

      • Las Vegas … waters? LOL, I’m sure you mean American waters but I couldn’t help myself 😉 Loving the bike more with every ride as I get used to it and adjust things. It feels quite different to the old one!

        • I meant the ocean around the country, oops. Not much water here except for Lake Mead which was made by Hoover Dam.

  2. Good looking baked fish. Check the ingredient labels on your frozen food packages, that ‘ll help tell you if that food is “good” or “bad” for you.

    • I mainly look at the fat and sodium levels. My chronic high BP makes it tough to eat certain things without having to swallow a bunch of extra BP pills!

      • How often do you check your BP? And you use extra BP meds if you take in more than recommended sodium?? My doc just tells me to not take in more than recommended sodium.

  3. I think it depends on what it is and what you would eat if you were not eating the frozen food. A solid diet of frozen foods probably wouldn’t be great. Dan and I eat some, but for ‘frozen foods’ ours is often frozen leftovers (chili, homemade soup or stew, pasta sauce and the like. Your fish looks good! I would serve it.

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