Mojave Desert Colors

These photos were taken in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in 2018. This area is just east of Las Vegas. Access is easy from the city by taking Lake Mead Boulevard east, you’ll drive right into the park. The photos don’t really do the beautiful colors justice. I was using the old Nikon D3300 body too. The Nikon Z6 would do a better job I’m sure.

Police Chopper Lifts Off

Changing it up a bit this morning, here’s a video I recorded at the Scenic Overlook in 2018. I don’t recall what the reason was for the chopper to be there but it’s an amazing display of how a helicopter works. I’ve flown in one many years ago in Michigan and it scared the crap out of me! It was windy, the chopper was bobbing up and down like a bobber on the water with a fish on the hook, scary! Partly sunny and 81 degrees today, another beautiful Mojave Desert day!