A Big Stretcher And A Few Clouds

Here are some road clicks from this morning for ya. Are those real clouds up there? That limousine was amazing, the photo does not show how long the damn thing actually is. I’ve driven tractor-trailers and other large vehicles in years past, but not something like that limo. You are very limited in where you can go given the turning radius of that car. The building with the sun over it is the One Summerlin building located in Downtown Summerlin. 77 lovely degrees today!

9 thoughts on “A Big Stretcher And A Few Clouds

  1. There is a company in Indianapolis that has a couple of even longer limo’s built (roughly) on original military style Hummers. Quite bizarre looking to say the least, and have no idea how they can maneuver around at all.

  2. I wonder if they have improved the safety regulations for those stretch limousines. There was a horrific accident that occurred with one of them not that long ago.

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