Paying Home Insurance

It’s that time of year again, time to pay up my home insurance just in case it tries to burn down or is broken into. I pay a fair price per year to insure this nice little home. Anyway, I snapped some random clicks along the way this beautiful morning with wonderful sunshine, perfect for rolling down the windows, feeling the warm breeze as you cruise along.

6 thoughts on “Paying Home Insurance

  1. Whenever I think insurance is a waste of money, I remind myself that as long as I have insurance, nothing will happen. The minute I don’t have it, my house will burn down.

    • That’s the irony of it!! I’ve lived in my cute little house for two years now and zero has happened except having to replace the AC/Heating system a few months ago. What a difference that made! I’m running the AC just now as the front yard got a spiff with bush pruning and blowing the boogers out of the rocks under the palm tree. That’s the level of action here. I’m hot from the workout… 🔥🌴😂

  2. We pay our insurance in December. It was going up stupid a few years ago so our agent reviewed all of it for us. We got rid of a few things that would never happen in Saskatchewan – at least not where we are. It made our insurance way more affordable. Nice photos! as always.

    • That’s great! It really pays to be on top of all things related to your home in all aspects. Recently, I received a notice via email that my agent was retiring and that I would be switched to a different agency near me which they did. I met the guy today with a cashier’s check. Nice fella..

      • Ours was really good, but sadly he passed away last year. I don’t know who our agent is now but will probably find out next month if our insurance rates go back through the roof.

        • That’s sad. I would contact the company and find out who you should be working with. It’s like Anneli says, the minute your insurance lapses, something rotten could happen. God forbid!

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