The Other Sunset

One more photo from last night’s sunset, this view is looking south. Sunshine and seventy-five degrees are on tap for today. I’m working on my travel plans for next month starting tomorrow, time to finally see my family again soon!

18 thoughts on “The Other Sunset

  1. I suppose driving can be that but so stressful too. Besides, my little 7 year old truck has never left the state and is in too good of condition to take a trip like that. Just 26K miles and almost mint! Renting a car would be far too costly.

  2. Love that red! And yay for you! It is always fun to plan a trip. I am better at the planning than the traveling but that’s just me. Are you going to fly or are you going for the drive?

    • Thanks, I have to fly as it’s almost 2000 miles from Vegas to my area of Michigan. I’ll have a direct flight I hope into Detroit from Vegas where my sister will pick me up. We haven’t seen each other for 18 months or more thanks to the virus and her schedule. That sucks! Can’t wait to see my kids and dad again, it’s been since last May. It’ll be so cold up there though! It’s always nice to come home to the lovely climate here.

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