Doppler Shift

My Michigan buddy sent this video a few days ago, notice as the train’s horn passes how the pitch of the sound changes. This is a great example of the Doppler Shift in action. This location is one that I frequented as a trainspotter.

10 thoughts on “Doppler Shift

    • Oooohhh I would love to go spotting there! The more tracks the better. I just had a look at CN’s website, they do pass through Regina. They also use the rails in the video that takes the trains from Chicago east to Toronto via a tunnel under the Saint Clair River which divides the US and Canada at Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan. Both places I know well!

      • I didn’t mind sitting at trains when I was working πŸ˜‚ but some of them here are rediculously long. I would sit stuck at a train in the morning while texting my boss and office mate while waiting. The installers would sit at the office and wonder if we had all taken the day off.

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