Chicky Soup!

At the market today, I remembered that I have two partial bags of twisty noodles that need cooking and three cans of chicken ready to go. All I needed were three chicken broth containers. Getting home, I realised that I had forgotten to grab some celery and carrots and whatever else. Oops. No worries, I’ll just dump some canned mixed veggies in.

There were two partial white onions bagged up in the fridge too, so those were diced up and tossed in. All in all, the soup came out pretty darn tasty in spite of missing at least two main ingredients that I always add. This is the bachelor’s life!

The soup sure looks delicious, doesn’t it?

17 thoughts on “Chicky Soup!

  1. By coincidence, just yesterday I was thinking how easy it would be to toss together a nice chicken and noodle soup if i have some basic ingredients, mostly the chicken! LOL! I expect World’s Best Chili from you, but it’s nice to know you’ll go for another basic yummy meal, too!

    • Thanks Doug! This is really tasty and so simple to make. Did you make the soup? I have chili in the fridge too. This single guy won’t starve!

          • LOL! You keep saying that. If, one day, I opened the door and you were there, I’d hope I had some nice soup on the stove. Of course, even though you have some dietary restrictions now, I’d encourage you to make a pot of your classic chili, and we’d both live high for a brief breach of those restrictions!

    • It really is! And so much faster to make than chili too. The salt is the tough part though, you can do only so much to reduce the sodium number when choosing the items. Low-sodium broth is a help. And so are my BP pills!

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