Stop Feeding Them Bread!

That is what I wanted to shout at this young gal tossing bread out for the many kinds of birds. But, I didn’t shout and chose to drive away after grabbing this photo. Bread has zero nutritional value for birds, and maybe humans too.

21 thoughts on “Stop Feeding Them Bread!

  1. The river and parks in our town have signage declaring that feeding the waterfowl is a crime with hefty fines. That pond needs such a policy.

    • I agree! There are signs that say no feeding the birds, but obviously nobody sees them or ignores them. They should be fined, but how can you enforce that without someone on duty always watching?

  2. Not only is there little nutritional value but any mould on it can do a lot of harm to ducks. I found this on the internet:
    Ducks that are regularly fed bread can become malnourished, aggressive towards one another, may lose their foraging instincts and can lose their natural fear of people.

    Also, bread that isn’t eaten can result in nutrient build-up and increased algae growth.

    That build-up is in the water, I presume, hence the algae growth.
    Anyway, it isn’t good to feed any of these birds bread. They like their insect larvae, aquatic plants and seeds, little fishes and amphibians, and so on. NOT white wonder bread.

    • Wonder Bread! We ate that stuff as kids, not knowing that it was bad stuff. I’m not mad with my folks though! I didn’t know about the other bad things, that’s really awful, Anneli!

      There are three or four of these little man-made lakes in this area, they are bird havens. So many species hang around and are so cute. I need to step out of the truck and try to have a gentle word with the bread people…

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