Plates And Cheap Gas

Check out those gas prices! What happened? America is sucking on the Arab oil teet, that’s what. The license plates made an appearance here a week or so ago, there are two extra photos this time. Can you tell that this is wallpaper? I’ve been out joyriding for a while today as it’s so darn beautiful today! Sunshine and 79 make me feel so fine! 😂🌴

12 thoughts on “Plates And Cheap Gas

    • Hi Curt, I had to search to see who you are, you have no avatar or anything. How have you guys been? Ten bucks a pack, and people gladly fork it over. Sick!

  1. I see the Nebraska plate was back when we had “The Beef State” motto on the plates. I believe the Unicameral recently approved a vanity plate with a photo of the Nebraska beef-growing region — the Sandhills – with some cattle and that old motto for people who raise beef cattle or just get nostalgic for the old plates.

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