Here’s A Random Set…

All the way from 2018 I give you a random collection of photos this afternoon. The little dinosaur was found in the parking area at Calico Basin, someone’s child is crying somewhere! But, it does point out that there are still live dinosaurs in the Mojave Desert. The old aircraft might be a McDonell Douglas aircraft. And the trash at the garbage bin was right in front of my apartment back in 2016, I despised that apartment and still do. Apartment life sucks!

Treasure Island Resort seems OK, I’ve never been inside the place. The Stratosphere Tower was likely photographed heading south on Las Vegas Boulevard, well north of the main venues, you are probably familiar with. Finally, the photo with the building in the foreground is the One Summerlin Building, located in Downtown Summerlin. Many of the big-name resorts are visible in the distance which is much further away than they appear in the photo.

5 thoughts on “Here’s A Random Set…

  1. Love the shot of the dinosaur. I recently moved out of an apartment in the city for a house in the suburbs. Best decision ever. I don’t miss apartment living either!

  2. John, I always loved your shows of random photos. I found also something very interesting about you that you photographed the most ordinary moment (photo seventh) with passion. I would probably also stopped by this pile of stuff and would try to created something similar to your photo. Always loved the ordinary street stories like this one.

    • Thank you, Kaya! That pile of rubbish was directly in front of the ground floor apartment I had. I complained to the office a few times, this happened more frequently at the end of the month. Good by, apartment!

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