Rude Las Vegans

So there I am in the checkout lane this morning patiently waiting for the order ahead of me to finish. The cashier is a bit slower than the others but no big deal. I gestured to the nice man behind me that this needs to hurry up a bit, he agreed. I am always patient in the checkout line. Once the sale was complete is where the bullshit starts.

Without any provocation whatsoever, this evil, nasty woman looks at me and says “and you can go fuck yourself”

Um, what? What did I do? Nothing! I did not engage this evil person and let her get out of my sight, meanwhile, myself, the fella behind me, and the cashier are looking at each other wondering what the hell that was for? And I said to the nice cashier, sometimes I want to move back home to Michigan where the people are much friendlier.

15 thoughts on “Rude Las Vegans

  1. It’s crazy how some people can just blow up for no apparent reason. Unfortunately those types of people can be found everywhere. The worst is when they’re out on the road and get triggered.

  2. At times like that I remind myself that I don’t know what she has going on in her life. It is probably total misery compared to mine. (Still, it would be nice if they didn’t take their troubles out on me.)

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